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English geared to your professional needs

The advantage of face to face lessons is that you have the trainer’s undivided attention. The trainer can pick up any need to underline things that have not been understood, for example, and to conduct the lesson at the pace that suits you.

This type of training can be good for people who lack a little self-confidence speaking, or who have very specific personal goals in English.

I also offer one-off training for a specific objective – a presentation to make, an interview or thesis to prepare for, or before travelling abroad.

Another way of learning…

Learning in a group provides a less intense atmosphere, as the trainer’s attention is shared between each person. It gives individuals an opportunity to listen as well as speak. Groups are always made up of people of the same level so that everyone feels equal.

This type of lesson can also be right for several people who share the same specific need, or who, for example, want to learn English for pleasure rather than for work.

Feel confident speaking on the telephone...

I offer telephone training for those who already have a pre-intermediate level, and above, as telephone training can be more intense than individual face to face lessons, given that there are no visual signals to aid communication. It is possible, though, to use documents (such as newspaper articles and work documents) which give a starting point for discussion. Otherwise the telephone conversations, which last from 30 minutes to 1 hour, can be on a wide range of general topics.
Telephone training is ideal for those who have overseas telephone contact at work and who need to feel more comfortable and confident speaking to foreigners in English. It is also a useful option for those who already have a good level of English, and who wish to maintain it.
Telephone training can be associated with individual face to face lessons as well as for each individual within a group, in order to have a more personal complement to their group training.

Do you speak Franglais?

With English becoming more and more important for communicating with an international clientele it is sometimes essential to have your documents or advertising in English. I can translate your web site, your advertising brochures or your restaurant menu, for example. Site translation example.

The price varies according to the complexity of the document and the agreed deadline.

What is the TOEIC ?

The TOEIC (acronym for Test of English for International Communication™) is a test which measures your level of English in a professional and international context. Specially designed for companies it allows you, as a professional person, to obtain an internationally recognised certificate for your linguistic competence.

I have a lot of experience in training people for the TOEIC exam and I can offer you assistance in preparing for it.